“I miss that like I miss anything, because life is a series of things that go away.”

- Albert Hammond Jr, 2013 (when asked if he missed the early Strokes days)

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“Didn’t a man know? Did he have any idea how important it is to hold a woman’s hand when walking down the street with her? Did he realize when holding a woman’s hand his body’s saying,- World, this is my querida, the woman I love, I am proud to be walking besides her, my hand in hers the flag of our love.”

- Caramelo -Sandra Cisneros (via bloggingasleep)


the motto

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the motto

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Te quiero | Hombres G

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Damn straight

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sext: you are interesting and intelligent. i would love to discuss/share knowledge and alternate perspectives on complex ideals with you

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Tacos before vatos *:・✧

I’m going to get this tattooed.

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